As many of you may know, when I founded Knock Knock, in 2002, there wasn’t much out there that was smart and funny. Corporate homogenization and lowest-common-denominator pandering ruled the shelves. I was proud and honored that Knock Knock was able to change this within the gift and stationery industry, and we’ve had a good long run of success with this strategy, a track record for which I and the team members are endlessly grateful.

As the sayings go, however, all good things must come to an end, but fortunately, every ending is actually a new beginning. Today I’m contented to announce that Knock Knock’s voice will be changing, effective immediately, in order to stay current in the marketplace. No longer will we strive for wit or humor. Instead of putting the fun in functional, we will strive to put the unction* in functional.

The Knock Knock team feels certain that this change is in the best interests of our loyal customer base, and I believe I speak for the group when I say that we are immensely relieved to no longer have the pressure of trying to be funny all the time.

For further information on our solemn new approach, please see the official press release and the video we’ve made to provide examples of the changes we’ll be making.

Knock Knock Strategic Shift: No More Funny

Click here to see our new unfunny products for Fall 2013.

*Definition of UNCTION from
3b : exaggerated, assumed, or superficial earnestness of language or manner : unctuousness