Knock Knockers Count Their Blessings What Are We Thankful For?

This Thanksgiving, other than cooking up a storm in the kitchen, stuffing our faces with friends and family, and hopefully sleeping-in, the Knock Knock team is thankful for:

Mustached Sara.


1. “I’m thankful to my friends and family for being there always—through think, thin, better, worse, and especially for bad photo opportunities. Unconditional love is a rare and special thing—like mustache straws.” —Sara, e-commerce manager



2. “Studies have shown that around 1/3 of all Americans have never seen the ocean, I’m thankful that this is my backyard (figuratively more than literally, but you get the idea).” —Paul, assistant manager of customer service and operations

Paul and his backyard.


3. “I’m thankful for my baby niece’s irresistible cheeks.” —Priscilla, social media marketing intern

Priscilla, her baby niece, and her baby niece's cheeks.


4. “I am thankful for my ridiculously good-looking, goofy, tight-knit family. Here’s a picture of a small portion of them at Disneyworld. From L to R, my aunt (sweetheart), my brother (grumpy), my mom (tan), and my stepdad (too cool).” —Dayna, assistant editor

Dayna's familia.


5. “I am thankful for the bucket of chocolate in the kitchen, and the fact that everyone at Knock Knock is like a second, more fun/warped family!” —Will, production artist

Will and Squid-o. Buddies.


6. “Of course I’m thankful for my loving family, friends, and good health. But this year I’d like to especially mention how thankful I am for my newish-cat, Captain Daenerys Phoebs Tonks Bluth (or Dany, for short), because she is the absolute cutest. And I swear I’m not a crazy cat lady.” —Mel, marketing and digital coordinator

Dany and Mel.


7. “I’m thankful for working for a kick ass company!” —Jim, president

Jim, we're thankful you're on our team as well!


Jen sometimes listens to Oprah.

8. “I’m thankful for the opportunity to be thankful. Because I just got all up in the thankful in my latest blog post for Knock Knock with an actual heartfelt gratitude list (come on, Oprah, sometimes I do listen), I’m recognizing that I do actually have things to be thankful for. Between my ironic, pessimistic, snarky brain (humor never came from optimists, you know) and my tendency to look at what I can’t do or haven’t done rather than what I can do and have done, the realization that I have much to be thankful for is something to be thankful for. So thank you.” —Jen, head honcho

What are you thankful for this year? Tell us in a comment below!