Little Owen and His This Or That? Book It’s Our “Knock Knock In the Wild” Feature!

Owen, a young friend of Knock Knock, is looking way too cool for school.

Our “In the Wild” feature shows fans in their natural habitat, with Knock Knock products at hand.

As the manufacturing coordinator here at Knock Knock, I get to see projects take shape from beginning to end. But it wasn’t until Owen, a six-and-a-half-year-old boy dear to my heart, recently got his very own copy of our This Or That? book that this project truly came to life. He thought it was cool enough to take with him on his recent summer vacation, and was more than willing to share his creativity and brilliance with us. Check this boy genius out!

When going on an adventure, Owen’s number-one priority is bringing along his This Or That? book. We could not agree with him more.
It’s not clear whether Owen prefers the zoo or the aquarium, but he has certainly visited some unusual animals!
Cards is the winner, with Pokémon the game of choice (though we’re not sure his grandma would agree). On the checkerboard side of life, Owen puts his smarts toward chess, though it’s also clear that there are boardgames he doesn’t like to play.
In this very tough decision between desserts, Owen proved decisive in selecting cake. On the ratings, it was close—ice cream got five stars and cake got seven. But if you look at all the color and flare Owen put into his cake, it’s a clear victory.