Love for Plumb’s Second Season Rolling In! Plumb Goods Screen Shot
Nathaniel Russell's Drawn to Music, the ultimate music lover's creativity kit.
Nathaniel Russell’s Drawn to Music, the ultimate music lover’s creativity kit.

We Plumbers are so delighted to see the first hints of positive reaction for our second release, Fall 2014. The products are up on the website, but we’re still getting all our ducks in a row before we start blasting it out to you early next week.

First was from three of the Plumb team’s backyard, San Francisco, on The article was a particular pleasure because the writer, Meredith May, straight up GETS what we’re trying to do:

Jason Polan's Observation Notebook. It's watching you.
Jason Polan’s Observation Notebook. It’s watching you.

“On my desk this morning was an intriguing square box, shaped perfectly to the dimensions of a stack of vinyl records. I checked the return address: PLUMB: “Goods from the Creative Salt Mines.” Inside was a stack of blank notebooks. But wait. They weren’t boring! You almost don’t want to mark them up, they are so beautiful.”

. . . but of course we DO want you to mark them up, and mark them up good.

She showcased artist Linda Geary’s Stack Book, Jason Polan’s Observation Notebook, and Nathaniel Russell’s Drawn to Music, all pictured here. And she also mentioned our current charitable endeavor, #artbreak.

Linda Geary's Stack Book
Linda Geary’s Stack Book—inspired by the most sumptuous swatches you’ve ever seen.

We can’t wait to get these into the your creative hands—next stop, the world!