Mama See, Mama Do Contest Finalists Vote for the Grand Prize Winner!

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone who took the time to enter our Mama See, Mama Do contest! We’ve chosen our Top 3 winners, but we need our friends and fans to help us choose our Grand Prize Winner, who will receive $50 worth of Knock Knock stuff (winner chooses items)!

How to vote:

1. Read the entries below. Each entry is assigned a number.

2. In a comment in this post, write the assigned number you want to vote for. You can only vote once.

3. We are accepting votes now through 11:59p on Tuesday, April 30.

The entries:

1. “When I was young, my mom used to say she bought me at a garage sale and told them to the keep the change. She said she gave them $1.00 and it was the best .67 cents she ever spent.

I grew up tagging along with my mom early Saturday morning to garage sales. She taught me how to bargain for a good deal—pretend you have little interest in an item that you are excited about and always look for homes advertising furniture because it is usually indoors and then you can use their bathroom!

My mom taught me to be kind to others and not to stare at those that are different. She taught me not to spit my gum on the sidewalk as well.

I inherited her beauty, inside and out, her nurturing abilities, as well as her tall height and large shoe size. She taught me at an early age that if my feet were any smaller I would tip over, and the other students that teased me believed it! She has shown me through her trials and errors what I want in my life and what I don’t.” —Abby


2. “Cankles. Even at my lowest weight, they were still there. When I was pregnant with my second son, a coworker remarked on two different occasions that my swollen, pregnant ankles looked miserable and I had to remind her, twice, that they are hereditary. Also [my mom used] the phrase, ‘Put a smile on your face,’ when faced with a less than pleasant task. I now tell my two boys, ages six and eight, the same thing on a frequent basis.” —Elisabeth


3. “Definitely being a book worm is something I get from my mom, and her humor (we both speak sarcastic fluently). Another thing I got from her is my ‘huh?’ expression that I use when I am listening to someone and get confused. I also got her thinking face, which involves sticking my tongue out slightly. But the best thing of the little things is always saying, ‘I love you’ when we finish talking on the phone, are going to run an errand, going to bed, etc. I know some families don’t say it that much, but for me, it has always been something we say. You never know what our last words will be, and it’s always nice leaving or ending a conversation, or the day (if I am visiting home) with something good.” —Jasmine

Now that you’ve read all the entries, vote for your favorite one!