Meet Illustrator Kate Bingaman Burt! Turning Classic Knock Knock Stuff Into Hand-Lettered Art

Meet Kate! (Photo courtesy of Kate Bingaman Burt.)

With a swish of a pen to paper, illustrator Kate Bingaman Burt creates bite-sized, black and white masterpieces on a daily basis. Her muse? Any item she purchases on that specific day. Her seven-year archive of drawings includes bargain Walgreens sunglasses, a copy of Steve Martin’s Let’s Get Small album, and most recently, a Hulu Plus subscription for $7.99 a month. Her daily purchase drawings, which fall under the umbrella of her Obsessive Consumption project, puts a refreshing twist on our society’s consumerist habitude—reinterpreted and documented with a whimsical and personable touch. And even before her Obsessive Consumption project came to fruition, Kate hand-drew her own credit card statements each month. (See how she easily stole our hearts?)

As fans of her work and multitasking skills (see question number four below), you can probably imagine how completely psyched we were to have Kate on board for our new Hand-Lettered line, available right now! Excited is an understatement.

Our new Hand-Lettered line, featuring some of our favorite Paper Mousepads, Knock Knock Pads, and sticky notes—all illustrated by the wonderful Kate Bingaman Burt.


To get to know the master behind the beautified squiggles, we asked Kate six questions. She kindly answered them in her signature style—completely by hand!

More to show and tell:

Kate's pup Maybelle. Such a curious cutie. (Photo courtesy of Kate Bingaman Burt.)


Hooray for art and office supplies! A print from Kate's Daily Purchase Drawings. (Photo courtesy of Kate Bingaman Burt.)


. . . And succulents! Another print from Kate's Daily Purchase Drawings. (Photo courtesy of Kate Bingaman Burt.)


Want to check out more of Kate’s projects? Visit her site to read the latest!

Lastly, we can’t really choose our favorite product from the new line, so tell us yours in a comment!