Meet Wyatt Little, “Fun & Functional” Designer! Speaking of Design

Wyatt Little
Meet designer Wyatt Little . . . with cockatoo.

We’re psyched to introduce you to a handful of remarkable designers whose items will be featured during our tenth-anniversary party and “Fun & Functional” event with the American Design Club on November 10. We laud their work and can’t wait to see their stuff on display.

Meet Wyatt Little, an industrial designer based in Houston, Texas. With a last name that certainly contradicts his innovative creativity, Little’s projects are nothing short of clever. Just check out his work at and (be sure to read his design inspirations!), and you’ll understand exactly what we’re talking about.

1. How did you get started as a product designer? Did you always want to be in this field?

Ever since I can remember, I have always been tinkering around in the garage and watching my dad design and build sculptures, toys, houses, etc. I guess it was only natural that I follow in his footsteps.

Wyatt Little’s Urban Shoe Pots.

2. Name of Fun & Functional product featured: Urban Shoe Pots

3. What’s the story behind your idea? What really inspired you to create it?

I was walking home one day and saw two city workers on a cherry picker removing a couple of pairs of shoes from a power line. I have always found a certain beauty in a pair of old sneakers dangling from a line. I looked at one of the shoes and noticed there were a couple of plants growing inside—probably from a bird that had made a nest and pooped inside of it. It was right about there that I came up with the idea for “Urban Shoe Pots.”

I was really excited at that point and decided to ask the workers if I could take a pair. They gave me a weird look and I got the go-ahead. From there, I made a plaster mold of the shoes and slip casted them.

4. What was the hardest or most challenging part of designing this product? Any creative bumps in the road you dealt with?

I honestly did not have any bumps. Making the mold was super simple. Casting into the mold is a breeze and the firing and glazing is super fun.

The inspiration.
Creating a mold from the original hanging shoes.
Planting the Pots.


5. How do you organize your work process to balance fun and functionality in your own daily grind? Any tips you’d like to relay to friends of Knock Knock?

I always make lists of all the random ideas that pop into my head. I try to develop at least one idea per week. This allows me to be super productive and never let any idea—good or bad—slip away. The key for me is acting and developing the ideas into some sort of physical form. Without that, it’s just all talk.