Meet Your Fellow FOKKer, Jordan! Friendly Friday

We’re number one fans of our fans. (We’re sure you know how much you contribute to our existence.) So we want to thank you all with a column dedicated to you: “Friendly Fridays”! Once a month, we will be featuring a certain friend and their Knock Knock stuff-related stories.

@JordanCompton1 has been a longtime Knock Knock-Twitter crony. Our day-to-day convos mainly span the arts and pop culture, but also sprinkle in discussion of pickup lines she overhears from time to time.

Here’s a little taste of a @knockknock and @JordanCompton1 conversation:

It also doesn’t hurt that she makes us feel like we’re number one:


Our FOKKer of the Month, Jordan!

Name: Jordan Compton.

Location: Seattle, WA

Occupation: Fashion retail associate, nonprofit volunteer, and aspiring blogger.

Favorite KK Product? While I enjoy all of Knock Knock’s products, one of my favorites is actually a seasonal one: the Things You Must Do for the Holidays Pad. The list of suggestions is long enough to suit everyone I know, whether they are naughty, nice, or like most of us, somewhere in between. I give sheets to people as a way to lighten the mood and remind them to enjoy the season.

I also use the Health Life Log, as I consider fitness to be a lifestyle (and I spent a decade training as a ballet dancer). But every health regimen should allow for indulgences, so I try to save room for a Knock Knock dark chocolate bar.

Knock Knock Story Time: I became familiar with Knock Knock several years ago through visits to a store that I lovingly call “The Hipster Emporium.” (You can probably guess its real name.) I eventually started working at the store. In my off-hours, I get a kick out of reading books like Pickups & Come-Ons for All Occasions, A Year of Fortunes (Without the Cookies), and the collection of insults and comebacks . . . not that I use those. When I really want to be snarky, I just send a citation to my sister, who wrote the book on pranks and cruel humor. Next up, Fashion Citations!