Meet Your Fellow FOKKer, Megan! It’s Our “Friendly Fridays” Feature!

Megan with her filled-out Pep Talk Nifty Note and 100 Hug Tickets.

We’re number one fans of our fans. (We’re sure you know how much you contribute to our existence.) So we want to thank you all with a column dedicated to you: “Friendly Fridays”! Once a month, we will be featuring a certain friend and their Knock Knock stuff-related stories.

I received this message from Megan right before the holidays. She took time out of her busy day (she’s a full-time college student and her dorm’s resident assistant) to write this:

“Here’s how I use my Knock Knock products. Now I’m quite thrifty, but your products are always well worth it and a great investment for how much use I get out of them. Thanks for making my job easier!” But, our heart really melted when she called us the “bee’s knees.” We think you’re the bee’s knees as well, Megan!

Name: Megan House

Location: Portland, Oregon.

Favorite Knock Knock Product? My favorite product is the Pep Talk Nifty Note because it’s just so darn useful. Who couldn’t use a note telling them why they’re beautiful people or how things will be okay? I also love the Vouchers. I know they’re meant to be given as a set, but I also like giving them out individually to friends (maybe even with a Pep Talk!).

Why thank you for the note, Dr. House! We also wonder what map that is in the background.

Knock Knock Story Time: I give my Pep Talks to residents all the time! I can’t always solve their problems for them, but the notes help them to see how they are capable of handling their problems and that I’m here to support them and give them all the hugs they need. =) They’ve been especially useful this week, what with finals and all. (See, right before the holidays.)

A Just Thought You Should Know Sticky from one of Megan’s residents. Too precious.

We hope they also enjoy the “pep talks” come spring finals!