From the Mind of Nathaniel Russell Tidbits of Creative Inspiration

Nathaniel Russell

“I don’t think anything is disposable or meaningless. There’s a certain amount of clumsiness and ridiculousness to life . . . I like to juxtapose funny things with mundane things that are hard to wrap your brain around, like the joy and sadness and ridiculousness of everything. Sometimes the roughness and the clumsiness of a phrase is where the magic is, where you can capture the weirdness of being alive.”

—Nathaniel Russell

Indiana-based artist Nathaniel Russell is known for making humorously absurd artwork in a wide range of media, including paintings, sculptures, and murals, and now his creations in The Fake-Jacket Journal, Drawn to Music, and the Waking, Waiting, Walking Notebooks.

Take a cue from his perspective and open your eyes a little bit more to find inspiration in the ordinary and ludicrous moments in our day-to-day routines.