National Boss Day! Get Something for Your Head Honcho!

National Boss Day, a day for employees to thank and appreciate all the hard work it takes to run the show, is October 16! In honor of the day, we’re offering free domestic shipping with the coupon code BUTTERUP (valid now through 10/16). Here’s a list of gifts we think would make office life a little easier for that special head honcho in your life!

1The Get Crap Done Pen. ($14.00) Because that’s what bosses do, they get crap done.

2. Whether an employee needs encouragement or a reality check, Pep Talks & Picker-Uppers For All Occasions ($9.00) will have the perfect line of wisdom to get a staff motivated and inspired.

3. Being a boss means making decisions on the daily. Gift your boss with the Make A Decision Pad ($6.50) and these daily woes will be solved without agony.

4. An idea for your boss: when asking an employee to get something done, hand them a Hand-Lettered Please Sticky ($3.99) to guarantee a task is understood with clarity and amusement.

5. Bosses tend to be the main idea people. The Great Ideas Pocket Notes ($6.00) will help organize the myriad of information always buzzing in your boss’s brain.

6. You’ve got to spend time and money in order to make money. With our Money Receiptables, ($12.00) your boss can organize all the expenses it takes to make a company run effortlessly.

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