Happy National Dog Day—August 26! Celebrating All Week Long With Pups From “LICK”

Calling all dog lovers! National Dog Day is on Wednesday, August 26, but we’re celebrating all week long with pups from LICK! Feast your eyes on some of our sweet and silly four-legged friends (Bungee, the Boxer, pictured above).

Lick Book Interior 2
Remy (French Bulldog)
Lick Book Interior 3
Solo (Weimaraner)
Lick Book Interior 4
Suri (Australian Shepherd)
Lick Interior 5
Nica (Brindle Mix)
Lick Interior 6
Harry (Shih Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier) and Pepper (French Bulldog)
Lick Interior 7
Andy (Bernese Mountain Dog)
Lick Interior 8
Zelda (French Bulldog)
Lick Interior 9
Abby (Pug)
Lick Book Interior 10
Maggie (Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier)

Wondering how you can celebrate National Dog Day? Here are 20 ways to celebrate, spoil, and pamper your precious pup on their special day. We think #19 seems like a great idea! Just look at the slobbery cuteness above—the proof is in the lick!

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Meanwhile, grab your own copy of LICK here and get more info on its creator and photographer Ty Foster here.