The New Year, Same You! Fun, Free Printable Kit Self-Help with Free Stuff!

Knock Knock New Year New You Free Printable Kit

Start your year off right with Knock Knock’s New Year, Same You Kit. (It may be a new year, but you’re not a shiny, new person just because the date changed—let’s be accurate here.) These printable goodies knit a positive mental cardigan to keep you cozy all year long. This new year free printable kit includes:

1. Five Affirmators! Cards by Suzi Barrett. DOWNLOAD HERE, print, and cut out.

Sample Affirmators! Cards
A sampling of our Affirmators! Cards. Read one at random every day and let the positive feelings flow.

Try out Affirmators! with this printable sneak peek available only on our site. Includes Courage, Love, Gratitude, Love, No Need To Do, and Worthiness.

How to use them: Turn the cards facedown, and shuffle them around. Close your eyes and silently ask that the cards give you a message that will benefit you in this moment. Then pull a single card, and read your Affirmator—and for greatest potency, read it out loud. Say it as much as you like. Then say it again.

Get the entire Affirmators! Deck here. And tag your social pics with #Affirmators.

2. Knock Knock’s classic New Year’s Resolution Waiver. Download here and print.

So you’ve tried and tried again—we get it. Sign this waiver to release yourself from your current resolution(s). Then, display it loud and proud. You’re welcome.

New Year's Resolution Waiver
The New Year’s Resolution Waiver releases you from resolutions.

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