Celebrate Adopt-a-Dog Month with this Vid! Adorableness to the Max

Hey, dog lovers! October is just around the corner, which means it will officially be Adopt-a-Dog Month. To celebrate the sweet and slobbery days ahead, we created a pop-up photoshoot at Lake Hollywood Park where internationally recognized animal photographer Ty Foster offered free dog portraits in the spirit of his new book, LICK. 57 dogs. 57 tongues. A whole lotta lick.

Check out the video of our “LICK” Dog Photoshoot above and see the doggone cuteness as pups are captured licking their chops! If you can’t see the video above, check it out here.

LICK is an irresistible collection of 91 dogs and puppies caught mid-lick! Grab your copy here.

"LICK" Dog Photoshoot Video #LickBook

Have a dog adoption story? We want to hear it! Tell us about your rescued pup in a comment in this post or email blog@knockknockstuff.com with your story. You and your precious pooch could be featured in an upcoming Knock Knock post!