Oh, Mother! It’s Almost Mother’s Day! Get Your Mom A Gift She Can Actually Use

The woman that birthed you deserves much more than dry macaroni art and her favorite perfume for the third year in a row. Instead, get her something that encapsulates eons of practicality. We’re sure these items would fit any type of mother in your life.

1. In My Humble Opinion Mini Inner-Truth Journal. We know you love mommy dearest even if she tends to constantly criticize you. How about giving her another medium to channel her judgments—a journal, perhaps? This handy, fits-in-your-purse journal is perfect for those summer days relaxing by the water. If she slides on the optimistic side, our I’m A Parent? Guided Journal helps too.


2. Coupons Receiptables. What would we do without mothers who still send their now-adult children coupons for items that can easily be purchased at the dollar store, like minted toothpaste or cans of albacore tuna? How wonderfully sweet are these types of moms? Surprise her in return with Coupons Receiptables, so she can keep track of her own savvy-saving stash.


3. 5 Days A Week Paper Mousepad. Everyone needs at least a dab of organization in his or her life. The on-the-go mom needs a boatload. This mousepad can help her systematize her crazy schedule and free up some time for much-needed mother and child bonding. Be sure to pencil in a dinner and ice cream get-together!


4. What to Eat Pad or Pack This! Pad. Both of these pads take planning to the next level, and god knows your sister or sister-in-law is in dire need of R and R. (Have you seen her without the tykes around? Didn’t think so.) Let her plan family meals ahead of time with the What to Eat Pad or give her the Pack This! Pad to prep for those oh-so-fun family trips. (Or, offer to babysit your nieces and nephews? Eh.)


5. How to Traumatize Your Children. For added effect, tell her you can’t believe Knock Knock created a book based on her solid parenting skills.


And if all fails, get her an Office Speak Rotating Stamp. Why? Because Real Simple said it’s one of the “best gifts” for mom. And they seem to know their stuff.