Open Notebook: Andrew Jeffrey Wright

Andrew Jeffrey Wright Open Notebook -- Plumb Blog

Andrew Jeffrey Wright is a Philadelphia-based artist and comedian, and co-founder of the artist collective Space 1026. He has a remarkably good artist résumé, as well as one of my favorite street blogs still in existence: That’s Not A Trash Can. Now It Is! I asked him to tell us about his notebooks.

PLUMB: What kind of notebooks do you use?

ANDREW JEFFREY WRIGHT: I use a handmade notebook that my girlfriend Crystal Kovacs designed. She made like five of them, and after I filled up the ones she gave me, I started screen printing more of the covers using her pattern and binding them myself and all that stuff. It’s a long process.

Andrew Jeffrey Wright Open Notebook -- Plumb Blog

PLUMB: How do you use them? What for?

ANDREW JEFFREY WRIGHT: I have a notebook on me almost all the time. I mostly write in them, but I do sketch in them as well. I fill them with ideas that would slip away if I didn’t record them. I also fill the notebooks with directions and phones numbers, movie times, things-to-do lists and that sort of thing.

Andrew Jeffrey Wright Open Notebook Pic 2

PLUMB: What do you do with them when you’re finished?

ANDREW JEFFREY WRIGHT: They are in a drawer and I reference them often for video ideas, ideas for drawings and comics, photo ideas, just any and all art projects that I may do.

Andrew Jeffrey Wright Open Notebook Pic 3

PLUMB: Have you ever lost one? Did it matter?

ANDREW JEFFREY WRIGHT: I never lost one and yes, it would matter. It would drive me bonkers.

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PLUMB: Under what conditions do you make your best work?

ANDREW JEFFREY WRIGHT: Well rested, well-fed body, and a relaxed mind.Andrew Jeffrey Wright Open Notebook Pic 5

PLUMB: Whose notebooks would you most like to look at?

ANDREW JEFFREY WRIGHT: Daniel Johnston or Salvador Dali or Vivienne Westwood. One of those three. Sorry I can’t narrow it down to one.







If you need to see more, as I did, here’s a 7-minute video interview with Andrew from a few years ago, in which he talks about the temporary effectiveness of creating a zine about poop jokes as a way of keeping them all in one place: