Open Notebooks: Marc Horowitz

Artist Marc Horowitz

Los Angeles-based artist and prankster Marc Horowitz has done many ridiculous things. He has helped people run errands with the assistance of a borrowed mule. He has traveled the country having dinner with strangers who called the phone number he snuck into a Crate and Barrel catalog. He has lived in a Nissan Sentra for a week while making an ad for the car. He has also claimed to be behind Dumb Starbucks. With Marc, the throttle is always forward, the world is his studio, and nobody knows what’s going to happen.

He is also responsible for this new series of still life photos of consumer goods:
Artist Marc Horowitz - Consumer Goods

Artist Marc Horowitz - Consumer Goods 2

I asked him to send over some pictures from his notebooks and answer a few questions about how he uses them.

Artist Marc Horowitz - Notebooks

PLUMB: What do you use notebooks for? How do they fit within your process of making your work?

MARC HOROWITZ: I use Moleskines as my wallet. The little pocket in the back is where I stuff credit cards, receipts, money. I have to take it everywhere. The phone can never replace this shit. They serve as the seeds for everything I do.

Artist Marc Horowitz - Open Notebook - Chuck E Cheeses

PLUMB: What kind do you prefer? With what kind of pen?

MARC HOROWITZ: Moleskine 3.5 x 5.5.” For pens, I use whatever. I like Japanese pens, like the Pilot G-Tec-C4.

Artist Marc Horowitz - Notebook - Drawing

PLUMB: What do you do with the notebooks when you’re done?

MARC HOROWITZ: I keep them all. Eventually I go back and mark the pages that I like. I’d like to take the 14+ years of notebooks I’ve been collecting and transfer them to a searchable database someday.

Artist Marc Horowitz - Open Notebook

PLUMB: Have you ever lost one? Did it matter?

MARC HOROWITZ: No, I haven’t. It would matter though because it’s my wallet. Built-in system of checks and balances.

Artist Marc Horowitz - Notebook

PLUMB: Under what conditions do you make your best work?

MARC HOROWITZ: I’m always working, with plenty of caffeine.

Artist Marc Horowitz - Inside Notebook

PLUMB: What’s your relationship to the internet?

MARC HOROWITZ: It’s like air at this point. Without it, I’m done.

Artist Marc Horowitz - Inside Notebook 2

PLUMB: Whose notebooks would you like to look at?

MARC HOROWITZ: El Greco, Fischli & Weiss, Andy Kaufman, Roman Signer, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jason Rhoades.

PLUMB: What’s your favorite Plumb book so far?

MARC HOROWITZ: I like Katherine Bradford’s Mini Superhero Notebook and all of the Sumi Ink Club stuff. I went to school with Sarah Rara.

For more about Marc, read an interview with The Economist here.