Open Sketchbook: Will Rogan

Will Rogan is a San Francisco-based artist and co-founder of The Thing Quarterly. He has a deeply inquisitive mind. I asked him for a look into his notebooks, and he sent along these mind-bending images.

PLUMB: What kind of notebooks do you like?

WILL ROGAN: I like a spiral-bound journal. There’s a brand made in Japan I like a lot called Rollbahn. It also has little clear pockets built into it that you can put scraps of things in. I like the spiral because I lose pens and spirals are the perfect place for a pen.

PLUMB: What do you use them for?

WILL ROGAN: I mostly use notebooks when I have something that I feel I need to remember. That said, I almost never look back on them and there are tons of thoughts in them that I have not followed up on. So I guess they’re more of a part of the thinking process for me then the endpoint of thoughts.

PLUMB: Where do you put them when they’re full?

WILL ROGAN: In my studio on a shelf, and eventually into a box.

PLUMB: Have you ever lost one? Did it matter?

WILL ROGAN: I’m sure I have lost one; I’ve lost one of almost everything. At the time I’m sure I was upset, but I don’t remember now . . . it’s possible I’ve never lost one, but highly unlikely.

Here’s a short video interview of Will from SFMOMA that gives a good sense of how his mind works. His solo project at the Berkeley Art Museum opens this Friday, April 11.

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