Meet David Vienna! Author of "Calm the F*ck Down"!

David Vienna and his kids, Wyatt and Boone

Meet funnyman David Vienna, the author behind Calm the F*ck Down: The Only Parenting Technique You'll Ever Need, based on his no-holds-barred post that went viral—garnering over 200,000 shares and getting picked up by Jezebel and Redbook.

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Today’s National High-Five Day! Share Your High-Five Pic to Benefit Cancer Research

Today’s National High Five Day! You probably know that we take our high-fives very seriously at Knock Knock (we created products inspired by the gesture, after all). So this year we’re participating in an in-office and virtual high-five-a-thon to benefit cancer research—and our head honcho is PUMPED. Watch the video above for proof. Think you can surpass our head honcho’s …

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Meet RC Jones, “Coolness Graphed” creator! RC on Cheese, Climbing Buildings, Cats, and More

RC shares his book with a friend.

RC Jones, is a “witsmith”—our invented term for a person who can seamlessly mold wit using just words, a pen, and paper. It’s no wonder that when our head honcho, Jen, first stumbled on RC’s Coolness Graphed Tumblr, she became instantly smitten with his hand-drawn graphs. Now, with the release of his book of the same title, Coolness Graphed, you …

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Ultimate Ping-Pong Championship of Knock Knock The Grand Champion Is . . .

Killerspin. The competition was fierce. Sort of. (Thanks to our editor-at-large, Jamie, for this pic!)

We didn’t realize how competitive our Knock Knock team was until we started our company-wide “Ultimate Ping-Pong Championship,” aka “U.P.C.O.K.K.” (Yes, we did purposefully name it that just so we could use the acronym; and yes, the acronym does still make us giggle like little schoolgirls when we say it aloud.) We started the tournament in mid-February and ended it …

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