Product Designers, Start Your Engines! Knock Knock Partners with the American Design Club!

AmDC "Fun/Functional"

Some of you may have heard and/or gathered that this year, 2012, marks Knock Knock’s ten-year anniversary. During September, October, and November, we are going to be doing OH-SO-MANY things to commemorate this all-my-fingers milestone. Many of them will involve giving free stuff to friends of Knock Knock.

One of them, however, involves you giving free stuff to us. Okay, that kind of came out wrong, but it was a witty segue. Knock Knock has partnered with an amazing organization, the American Design Club, which “exists to encourage and promote the efforts of young designers in the United States . . . by holding juried exhibitions, showing the work of its members at industry events, promoting designers and new work on our website, and by hosting events where designers can congregate and build relationships.” They’re primarily product designers, and they’re a whole lot cooler than I just made them sound. Note that a lot of their best product pictures are on their Facebook page rather than on their website.

I met one of their principles, Henry Julier, at the New York International Gift Fair last January, through Max Knecht, designer of our Clump-o-Lumps. They’re coworkers in on the industrial design team at Johnson & Johnson. They’re both young and smart and talented and tall. We talked, we schemed, we concocted. The upshot? We’re collaborating on a juried show!

So if you’re a product designer or think you could be, check out the submission guidelines in this PDF and get right on it with the AmDC. We’d love nothing more than for your designs to be part of the celebratory show!