Rad Graduation Gift Ideas Great Gift of the Week

First off, we want to congratulate the graduating class of 2012! Drink champagne (sparkling apple cider for the underage), and reminisce about the past four years. Make sure to play Baz Luhrmann’s “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” on repeat.

For the gift-givers: finding an original present for new graduates can be as tough as the current job market. We get it. Sure, you can slap a cap and tassel on a teddy bear and call it a day, but that cuteness will wear off.

Instead, how about reassuring him or her that life after crossing the stage isn’t so bad? It can actually be pretty great. (However, the amount of douchebags you encounter daily is much more apparent.)

Here are a few items to assist in his or her solace:

1. Deal With This Stamp. This stamp shows who’s boss, especially when its owner’s timid ‘tude is in need of a boost of confidence.

2. Hey Asshole Pad. A pad for the workplace. He or she will soon understand the true meaning of “asshole.”


3. Travel Log and Pack This! Pad. Life after graduation is all about backpacking through new places and confronting new endeavors. These aids won’t assist in “finding” oneself, but at least he or she can make detailed notes on the trip and won’t forget to pack an extra pair of underwear.


4. Pro/Con Journal. Now is the time for him or her to make meaningful decisions. Present this to the giftee with a welcome sign pointing to the real world.


5. Corporate Flashcards. To prep for the white-collar worker’s first day on the job. Huzzah!

For more ideas, check out our “Grads” section on our site!