Report Cards for Real Life Passing Notes in Class

1. Alexis measures Shane on his work-avoidance capabilities. 2. Shane could have done better. 3. Shane is surprised. 4. Shane fills out an Etiquette card for Alexis. 5. What girly handwriting you have there, Shane! 6. How chummy.

When we have time, we like to assess our fellow friends and colleagues—formally.

One of our lovely designers, Alexis, took some time to fill out a Report Card for Real Life for our production manager, Shane.

He returned the thoughtful favor (but actually coerced our design intern, Megan, into filling it out for him; note the legible and pretty feminine handwriting).

What notes do you send to friends? Fill yours out and send us pictures of them at by August 31 and we’ll post them on the blog!