LICK Featured in The Times Magazine It's Lip-Smacking Good

Lick in The Times Magazine

The Times Magazine features LICK—created by internationally recognized animal photographer Ty Foster! The original portrait series became a viral sensation and is now Knock Knock’s first-ever photography book, chock-full of 90 sweet and slobbery dogs caught mid-lick.

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Win a Signed Copy of “LICK” by Ty Foster! A Book for Dog Lovers Everywhere

What’s sweet, slobbery, and silly all over? Our newest title, LICK by internationally renowned animal photographer Ty Foster! LICK is a collection of irresistible photos capturing all sorts of dogs caught in mid-lick—91 pups to be exact! Enter our giveaway to win a signed copy!

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Pack Mentality Training the Parent

Boone, Lulu, and Wyatt
Boone, Lulu, and Wyatt hanging out.

Our dog Mike passed away a little over a year ago and the boys have been pleading for another pet. They wanted one so badly, they were drawing fish, cutting them out, taping string leashes to them, and walking them around the house. I didn’t have the heart to tell them, if they wanted a pet fish, it wouldn’t live longer than 10 minutes into their first walk . . . Maybe 15 minutes, if it was raining.

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