The Winner of the Fave Recurring Dream Contest Who Won A Dream Journal and $50 Worth of Stuff?

Her entry.

Congrats to Julie of South Carolina, the winner of our Favorite Recurring Dream Contest! Julie, your Dream Journal and new collection of Knock Knock goodies are on the way! A big thank-you to everyone who entered. Be on the lookout for more contests this month, AKA more chances to win!

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What’s Your Favorite Recurring Dream? Tell Us! Enter to Win a Dream Journal and $50 Worth of Stuff!

Have you ever woken up during a dream so fantastic that you play Olympic javelin with your alarm clock so you can go back to sleep for more? Yeah, we understand. REM Sleep Cycle is such a tease. But it’s great when these prized dreams sneak back into shut-eye from time to time. What’s your favorite recurring dream? Tell us …

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