What the Hell Should I Get My Lover? Great (Holiday) Gifts of the Week

Finding the perfect gift for your flame can be a trying time. Questions like, “Will they really like it?” “Will they even use it?” or “Will I get in trouble for giving this?” flutter around your brain. But calm those nerves—we have ideas for you*, no matter what kind of relationship you’re in right now: 1. The Too-Shy-to-Tell-Them Crush. Even …

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Big Word Flashcards—For Juvenile Sesquipedelians It’s Our “Glimpse of the Future” Feature!

As grown-ups, you may know what "lilliputian" means and where it comes from. But do you know what "brobdingnagian" means (let alone how to pronounce it)? The true test of adulthood.

As most of you know, Flashcards have been one of our stocks in trade since we released the original Slang and Therapy Flashcards in 2003. We refreshed them and made them a bit smaller for Spring 2010 and brought Parenting and Foodie Flashcards into the mix. For the past year and a half or so, we’ve really enjoyed bringing out …

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