5 Funny Flowcharts to Help You Make Very Important Life Decisions Don’t Trust Your Conscience, Trust These Flowcharts

Consequential Dilemmas Flowchart Dominate Pic

Life’s tough—we get it. Knock Knock has your back with flowcharts to help answer your burdensome (and not-so-burdensome) questions. Spend the next few minutes consulting these charts from Consequential Dilemmas: 45 Flowcharts for Life’s Bigger Questions to gain some perspective, or at the very least, pseudoscientific results.

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Very Important Flowcharts for Life’s Most Challenging Decisions Make Logical Choices (Kind Of) with “Consequential Dilemmas”

Can I Dump This Person By Text? Funny Flowchart - Knock Knock Blog

Have a bothersome quandary that you need to solve, like, right now? There’s a flowchart for that. A sequel to best-seller Inconsequential Dilemmas: 45 Questions for Life's Peskier Questions, our new book Consequential Dilemmas: 45 Flowcharts for Life’s Bigger Questions was designed with realistic stumpers in mind.

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