20 Things That Would Be Trending If Social Networks Disappeared Would You Be Able to Function?

20 Things That Would Be Trending if Social Networks Disappeared

We’ve all been addicted to our social networks for so long now it can be difficult to remember what life was like before “Like” buttons. How would we function if our Facebook feeds, tweets, and Instagram photos suddenly disappeared?

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10 Things That Are More Interesting to Read Than the Random Musings of Your Social Network

Marc Hartzman's 10 Things That are More Interesting to Read List

Folks used to read books quite often before their free time was usurped by social network feeds. And by “free time,” I mean the 700 billion minutes a month spent on Facebook, which is supplemented by an average of 190 million tweets a day (according to statistics from July 9, 2014).

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17 Other Things You Could Be Doing Right Now Life Beyond Social Media

17 Other Things You Could Be Doing Right Now

Stop scrolling through your social feed and reading about what people are watching on TV, chuckling at clever memes and laughing (out loud) at cats being hilarious. It’s draining your productivity. Just imagine what you could be accomplishing if you were doing something else. Here's 17 ideas for you.

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