Win It: “The High Five Handbook”! The Secret Guide to Shakes, Bumps, Slaps, & Other Gesticulations

The High Five Handbook Giveaway

Sharpen your high-five skills with our newest book, The High Five Handbook: The Secret Guide to Shakes, Bumps, Slaps, & Other Gesticulations, written by the Hand & Knuckle Society, a clandestine group who believes in the power of the pound and the significance of the shake. TAKE THE HIGH FIVE PLEDGE ON FACEBOOK and/or TWITTER TO ENTER.

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Today’s National High-Five Day! Share Your High-Five Pic to Benefit Cancer Research

Today’s National High Five Day! You probably know that we take our high-fives very seriously at Knock Knock (we created products inspired by the gesture, after all). So this year we’re participating in an in-office and virtual high-five-a-thon to benefit cancer research—and our head honcho is PUMPED. Watch the video above for proof. Think you can surpass our head honcho’s …

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Today’s National High-Five Day High-Fives for All!

We’re big fans of high-fives—have you seen our best-selling High Five Nifty Note or our head honcho, Jen, dominating the High-Five Challenge? (If you haven’t seen the latter, scroll down, it’s below). Yup, high-fives are the fiber of our hands. And since it’s National High-Five Day (NH5D), who knows, we may just go beyond the standard palm slap and try …

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