Meet Rinee Shah! Creator and Illustrator of The Made-Up Words Project

Rinee Shah

Illustrator and art director Rinee Shah created The Made-Up Words Project based on her popular project and website of the same name. It’s a collection of 100 unique and silly phrases crowd-sourced from real families around the globe—like sticking your cold feet under someone’s butt on the couch (“nurdeling”).Read more about Rinee—including how she came up with The Made-Up Words Project, her hobbies, and a certain need-to-know factoid—in this Q&A!

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Meet Bjoern Altmann, Illustrator and Designer! Speaking of Design

A piece created by Bjoern for a London office.

From tasty cupcake toppers to handy handsets, Bjoern Altmann’s playful, illustrated designs find their way onto more than just paper. Originally from Germany but now a London dweller, Bjoern has worked on a slew of projects that caught our eye—which is why we were thrilled to have him onboard to illustrate our custom Fresh Out Of Pad for Anthropologie. Follow …

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