Meet Artist Naomi Sloman! Q&A with Affirmators! Illustrator

Naomi Sloman, Affirmators Illustrator

Affirmators! illustrator, Naomi Sloman, is no stranger at depicting wit and whimsy throughout her projects. Read on to learn more about this Brighton, England illustrator’s daily inspirations and what makes her tick.

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Meet Bjoern Altmann, Illustrator and Designer! Speaking of Design

A piece created by Bjoern for a London office.

From tasty cupcake toppers to handy handsets, Bjoern Altmann’s playful, illustrated designs find their way onto more than just paper. Originally from Germany but now a London dweller, Bjoern has worked on a slew of projects that caught our eye—which is why we were thrilled to have him onboard to illustrate our custom Fresh Out Of Pad for Anthropologie. Follow …

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