QUIZ: Build a Buffet Plate and We’ll Tell You What Type of Memory Hoarder You Are! A Smorgasbord of Truth

Memory Hoarders Quiz Buffet - Knock Knock Blog

We wish we could remember everything, but sadly, we can’t. (At least not yet…) You may not realize which type of memories you treasure, so Knock Knock teamed up with Memory Hoarder-master Jason Shapiro to help you find out. Bring your extra forks, cause this will be a wild ride!

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Meet Jason Shapiro! @LosFelizDaycare Mastermind and The Memory Hoarder's Journal Author

Jason Shapiro - Knock Knock Blog

Los Feliz Daycare runs coconut water through its faucets, encourages kids to recycle their parents’ medical marijuana jars into lunch pails, and is lucky enough to have Thom Yorke as an acting guest professor. It's a wondrous child-care gem for hipsters in the heart of Los Angeles—and it's completely fake. Who is behind the digital curtain of Los Feliz Daycare’s spot-on parody and loveable, boho-mocking Twitter account? Meet Jason Shapiro—a comedy writer who is neither a parent nor a resident of Los Feliz.

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