How to Throw a Holiday Hibernation Party (For One)

Holiday Hibernation Tips - Serious Me Time Journal

’Tis the season to scour last-minute online shopping deals, wrap up hectic end-of-year projects, and plan travel with prowess you never knew you possessed. Nothing sucks up your energy quite like the holidays. Before you completely lose it in all the madness, take the night off, glue your bottom to the couch, and get some self-hibernation inspiration from these pointers. Seclusion doesn’t get any better than this.

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12 Half-Assed Ways to Embrace Optimism Every Cloud Has A Silver(ish) Lining

Half-Assed Ways to Embrace Optimism - Knock Knock Blog

It’s about time you put some effort into positive thinking. Studies have shown that optimism can improve cardiovascular health, overall cholesterol levels, and inspire you to share more adorable videos of pandas tumbling down slides. Here are some sure-fire ways to help you see the world through rose-colored glasses—sort of.

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Ethan’s I Can’t Sleep Journals Fan Features

Ethan's I Can't Sleep Journal collection.

One of our lovely Facebook “Followers,” Martin from the London, wrote us a special note about his son that melted our hearts into one big goop on the floor: “Hey Knock Knock. One year ago from today, I came back to London from a business trip to Canada with a copy of the I Can’t Sleep Mini Inner-Truth Journal for …

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