What Was Your Spelling Bee Word? Enter our Knock Knock Spelling Bee Giveaway!

“Best of the Bee” from ESPN.   This contest is now closed. Today kicks off the preliminary round of the Scripps National Spelling Bee—a.k.a. the annual competition starring kids who make us feel like our prepubescent years were filled with intellect and memory comparable to that of a tree branch. Still, who isn’t a fan of all the obscure and …

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A Day At the Fair—the International Gift Fair Flotsam and Jetsam

Clump-o-Lump Debut Each year in January, a handful of Knock Knockers head to New York for the New York International Gift Fair (where we have a booth) to introduce and sell our new Spring products to retailers. The show serves as one of our first opportunities to gauge how our new product may fair in the marketplace. It is always …

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This Or That? On A Thursday Afternoon Because It’s Technically Almost The Weekend

View from outside our window.

It’s a quiet day at Knock Knock headquarters (every time I write “headquarters,” I feel like a regular gumshoe). But usually when it’s quiet around here (and more so when it’s not), minds are bustling and hustling along. We’re getting ready for the holiday season amid preparing for tradeshows, finishing our Spring 2012 catalog, researching and designing Fall 2012 products, …

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Big Word Flashcards—For Juvenile Sesquipedelians It’s Our “Glimpse of the Future” Feature!

As grown-ups, you may know what "lilliputian" means and where it comes from. But do you know what "brobdingnagian" means (let alone how to pronounce it)? The true test of adulthood.

As most of you know, Flashcards have been one of our stocks in trade since we released the original Slang and Therapy Flashcards in 2003. We refreshed them and made them a bit smaller for Spring 2010 and brought Parenting and Foodie Flashcards into the mix. For the past year and a half or so, we’ve really enjoyed bringing out …

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Little Owen and His This Or That? Book It’s Our “Knock Knock In the Wild” Feature!

Owen, a young friend of Knock Knock, is looking way too cool for school.

Our “In the Wild” feature shows fans in their natural habitat, with Knock Knock products at hand. As the manufacturing coordinator here at Knock Knock, I get to see projects take shape from beginning to end. But it wasn’t until Owen, a six-and-a-half-year-old boy dear to my heart, recently got his very own copy of our This Or That? book …

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