Knock Knock’s First True Fill in the Love Story Meet the Winner of Our Share the Love Contest!

A few months ago we launched our Share the Love Contest, and you shared your stories of what made our Fill in the Love® Journals so special to you. Your entries were everything: honest, romantic, silly, funny, and far-out. Thank you for sharing your stories with us and spreading the love with our Fill in the Love® journals!

We selected a winner and are thrilled to announce our first ever true Fill in the Love Story!

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RSVP: The Our Precious Pooper Book Shower! Reading & Signing with Author Megan Rubiner Zinn

Our Precious Pooper Book Shower

Those of you in western Massachusetts should stop by the Our Precious Pooper Book Shower in Northampton, featuring a reading and signing with author Megan Rubiner Zinn. Enjoy light snacks, a handful of giveaway prizes, chat about babies and their weirdness, admit your doubts, and buy a journal or two.

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What’s Better Than Receiving Snail Mail? . . . Receiving Mysteriously-Anonymous Fan Mail!

Like a brace-faced adolescent being asked to junior prom, we felt a heightened sense of elation when this postcard came in the mail a few months ago. Our head honcho Jen said herself that it’s one of her favorite customer correspondences ever. She really did use “ever”—and for good reason: (Go on, read it.) I really wanted to use this …

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Hot Off The Press! Printing Our Spring 2012 Catalog

The board that adjusts the colors. It had to be perfect.

The other day, our manufacturing coordinator Chelsea and our graphic designer Alexis spent a few hours in Irvine, California to help oversee the printing of our beloved Spring 2012 catalog at LT Litho & Digital. The catalog was in the works since mid-August, so it was a feat to see it in its final form.

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