The Winner of Our Epic Employee Prank Giveaway

Congratulations to Richard of Chicago, Illinois, the winner of our Epic Employee Prank Giveaway! His entry: Most recently, when a writer on my team went away to Las Vegas, I built her a cardboard house on top of her cubicle. It was a joke around the office that she had put up a privacy shield at the same time that …

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Enter the Epic Employee Prank Giveaway What’s the Best Practical Joke Ever Pulled in Your Office?

A result of pranking in the Knock Knock office.

April Fools’ Day is next week, and luckily for the office jokesters, it lands on a weekday. Before you get caught up in the prank wars—fake rats, air horns under chairs, and empty boxes of donuts (the most painful joke)—we want you tell us the best office prank that you’ve seen or experienced. You could win a Cubicle Guest Book …

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Prank Your Friends Back! Ideas for Payback Time

Stash a Douchebag Citation here, there, and anywhere.

Who here played the April fool this past week? Oy vey. We hear you. (Even though we technically pulled your leg, too.) But don’t fret. Grab a fork and nosh on a tasty dish we like to call “revenge.” Here are a few ideas to help you get the punks who punked you: 1. Fill out and hide Douchebag Citations …

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Don’t Mess With Alexis . . . How to Prank a Prankster

. . . Or she will rain vengeance on you—using plastic wrap. You may recall the “office rat” that our operations team enjoys placing in random areas around the office, like the bathroom, candy bucket, inside people’s belongings. (They also love pranking in general. Remember this bit?) Anyways, last week, on our former designer Alexis’s last day, our director of …

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