6 Simple Desk Organizing Tips You’ll Want to Try this Week Declutter Your Desk Space Like the Pros

6 Desk Organizing Tips - Knock Knock

Having a go-getter lifestyle can possibly lead to strewn papers everywhere, old succulents desperately in need of water, and a desktop calendar dated 2014—but no more! With the heat of spring cleaning upon us, here are quick tips to give your desk a facelift for the season, straight from the mouths of busy bees.

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Knock Knock Featured on BuzzFeed 33 Underrated Places to Shop for Home Décor Online

2015 Press BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed featured the XOXO Magnetic Mini Note (an oldie but goodie!), Days of the Week File Folders, and More Crap Box as “fun, humorous accessories to keep you organized (and smiling).” Office boredom will soon be a thing of the past!

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