Highlights from Our Tenth-Anniversary Bash And "Fun/Functional" Event

We’ve been planning the Knock Knock tenth-anniversary party since approximately forever ago (really, six months at the very least). While we can’t possibly share all the nitty-gritty deets that went into prepping for the party and “Fun/Functional” showcase, you can check out party pics here and see how the hard work paid off. And if you see yourself in a …

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Throw A Barbecue For The Big Game—Knock Knock Style! Go Beyond Your Six Pack of Beer and Stacked Nachos

Tear off a sheet of our Rate That Beer Pad for you and your friends.

It’s been four years since “one of the most memorable upsets in Super Bowl history,” but alas, it’s t-minus six days until the “Pats” and the “G Men” will face off again. Even if you don’t care two cents about the teams playing (or football in general), the game-day tradition has evolved into being more about stuffing your face with …

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What Happens At The Knock Knock Holiday Party . . . In it for the Money—And Booze.

In case you missed out on the live tweeting we had going on last Friday (or lack thereof), check out some pics from our recent all-company holiday party at the Lula Cocina Mexicana—just a few miles away from the office. We’re choosing to share just a handful of images so as not to reveal too much of our frivolity (or …

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How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck—Oh, Forget It Happy International Tongue Twister Day!

Since today is International Tongue Twister Day, why not challenge your friends or coworkers to a tongue-twister duel? (We mean in a battle of alliteration and not French kisses.) Here are classic tongue twisters to start it off: 1. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a …

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Throw a Party for Two with Fete-a-Tete! It’s Our “Great Gift of the Week” Feature!

Hello. Does this not say instant party for two?

Fete-a-Tete—a play on “tête-a-tête,” meaning “head to head” en français. Fancy and a little bit confusing, right? It actually couldn’t be easier: it’s everything you need for an impromptu party for two—just add wine. We’ve got Happy Birthday. We’ve got Congratulations. We’ve got Apology. Stock up on a few of these, and if you get that last-minute call or insert …

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