Enter the LICK or Treat Giveaway! Help Us Celebrate Adopt-A-Dog Month

LICK or Treat Giveaway

Lick or treat, give us something doggone good to Tweet! Help us celebrate Adopt-a-Dog Month by entering our LICK or Treat Giveaway running all month long. Each week one winner will receive a copy of our new LICK book.

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Celebrate Adopt-a-Dog Month with this Vid! Adorableness to the Max

Hey, dog lovers! October is just around the corner, which means it will officially be Adopt-a-Dog Month. To celebrate the sweet and slobbery days ahead, we created a pop-up photoshoot at Lake Hollywood Park where internationally recognized animal photographer Ty Foster offered free dog portraits in the spirit of his new book, LICKCheck out the video of our “LICK” Dog Photoshoot and see the doggone cuteness as pups are captured licking their chops!

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Pack Mentality Training the Parent

Boone, Lulu, and Wyatt
Boone, Lulu, and Wyatt hanging out.

Our dog Mike passed away a little over a year ago and the boys have been pleading for another pet. They wanted one so badly, they were drawing fish, cutting them out, taping string leashes to them, and walking them around the house. I didn’t have the heart to tell them, if they wanted a pet fish, it wouldn’t live longer than 10 minutes into their first walk . . . Maybe 15 minutes, if it was raining.

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Happy National Cat Day! Meet Our Team’s Feline Friends

Coop, there he is! Coop, there he is!

It’s National Cat Day, a day to celebrate the felines who love us (or in some cases, have pure apathy for us). We stopped ourselves from showing our favorite cat videos, which would’ve taken at least forever to get through. Instead, meet our cat besties: 1. Name: Gerald “Coop” Cooperberg (see above) Belongs to: Katie, assistant to the publisher Age: …

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Happy National Dog Day! Meet Our Team’s Pups!

“I’m squinting! I can see my eyelashes when I squint! . . . I should probably wear shades.”

Today is National Dog Day, a day to celebrate our loyal companions (and sneak them an extra treat). You know we’re huge pet lovers here at Knock Knock, so we would like to introduce you to our team’s canine compadres: 1. Name: Lucy (featured above) Belongs to: Sara, e-commerce manager Age: 7 ½ years old About Lucy: Lucy has many …

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