2014 in Review: Plumb, A Million All Out Of Pads Sold, and LA Weekly Thinks I’m Fascinating Head Honcho Hello for December 2014

Jen Bilik

I’ve always been a fan more of the new year. Not so much New Year’s Eve, which, like Valentine’s Day, is classic over-promise and under-deliver. And I wouldn’t go so far as to pledge my allegiance to “New Year, New You” like the lady mags do, because really, when have you ever gotten to be “new” for real?

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Jot Down Your Thoughts and Share it With the World Q&A with Dessa Lohrey of Bench Diary

Bench Diary in Boston Park

Tied to a bench at the Université Lumière Lyon 2, a Sumi Ink Club’s Night Journal lay half-open with a pen holding its place. Emblazoned with a die cut to reveal a pink silhouette of a bench inside its cover, the notebook transformed this busy university bus stop in Lyon, France into a passerbyer’s creative thinking tank. It's the very place to capture the musings of strangers, as beautiful and frivolous as they may be.

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Open Notebooks: Marc Horowitz

Artist Marc Horowitz

Los Angeles-based artist and prankster Marc Horowitz has done many ridiculous things. He has helped people run errands with the assistance of a borrowed mule. He has traveled the country having dinner with strangers who called the phone number he snuck into a Crate and Barrel catalog.

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