8 Tips to Get Out Of Your Procrastination Funk Don’t Put Off Reading This List

8 Tips to Get Out Of Your Procrastination Funk

Procrastinators, you’re in good company. Even though we love lists, we also find it challenging to shift into action-mode—especially when we would rather be watching The Office re-runs while devouring a burrito bowl. So, we asked a handful of our favorite creative professionals how they get out of procrastination’s unforgiving black hole. Whether you’re studying for a final exam or finishing that project you’ve been putting off, these productivity tips will get you well on your way.

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Disclaimer: We Cannot Be Held Responsible For What You Write in Plumb Notebooks

Breaking news, circa 2007: We are all for creative procrastination at work, but maybe it would be better to learn shorthand first so your boss doesn’t know what you’re writing about, unlike this woman who got fired for keeping a journal at work about all the ways she was acting like she was busy but really not doing anything. By …

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5 Ways to Procrastinate with Purpose in the Office A List for Self-Improvement Month

If all else fails, just use this Procrastination Pen.

September is National Self-Improvement Month, and while we’re not expertly equipped to tell you exactly how you can improve your own specific habits (although, we do have a book to assist you in that realm), we can help you fine-tune one suboptimal routine we all embrace—procrastination. After all, Knock Knock was founded by a productive procrastinator. And we did procrastinate …

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