Inside Design: A Plumb Job

MacFadden & Thorpe by Jason Polan
Inside the Plumb Process with designer Brett MacFadden of design firm MacFadden & Thorpe. Sketch by Fall 2014 Plumb artist, Jason Polan.

In fall of 2012, our friend Tucker Nichols came to us with an interesting potential project. He had been talking to the people at Knock Knock about an idea for a new kind of blank notebook, one in which artists were given reign to create books that truly reflected their way of working and worldview. Fast-forward through a lot of this and that, and a few months later we found ourselves brainstorming what this imprint would be, what it would be called, and what kind of products we have dreamt of creating.

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Product Designers, Start Your Engines! Knock Knock Partners with the American Design Club!

AmDC "Fun/Functional"

Some of you may have heard and/or gathered that this year, 2012, marks Knock Knock’s ten-year anniversary. During September, October, and November, we are going to be doing OH-SO-MANY things to commemorate this all-my-fingers milestone. Many of them will involve giving free stuff to friends of Knock Knock. One of them, however, involves you giving free stuff to us. Okay, …

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