The “Coolness Graphed” Art Show Show and Tell

"Coolness Graphed" Art Show. Good deal.

Leo Burnett charmingly spotlighted our main Coolness man RC Jones’s hand-drawn graphs last month. Wish we could’ve trekked to Chicago to attend! The showcase displayed an array of Coolness Graphed charts alongside the book.     Also, kudos to RC’s colleagues, who topped off the cork art space with a dash of pranking. “The art directors I work with had …

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Meet RC Jones, “Coolness Graphed” creator! RC on Cheese, Climbing Buildings, Cats, and More

RC shares his book with a friend.

RC Jones, is a “witsmith”—our invented term for a person who can seamlessly mold wit using just words, a pen, and paper. It’s no wonder that when our head honcho, Jen, first stumbled on RC’s Coolness Graphed Tumblr, she became instantly smitten with his hand-drawn graphs. Now, with the release of his book of the same title, Coolness Graphed, you …

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