I’m Panicking Right Now Head Honcho Hello for June 2014

Reasons to Panic books
Our "Reasons to Panic" collection, including "Panic about Marriage," "Panic about Having a Baby," "Panic about Getting Old," and our upcoming title, "Panic about Becoming a Cat Lady," which will be available in June.

For the Spring 2013 season, we came out with the first two books in our now bestselling 100 Reasons to Panic series. As many of you know from previous posts or because you’ve got eagle eyes on our product as it evolves and morphs over time, we love to use content and concepts from previous product when we can. Yes, …

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100 Reasons to Panic about Getting Old A Book to Soothe Your Worries About the Inevitable

Knock Knock 100 Reasons to Panic Book

Mortgage loans, hot flashes, dentures—oh my! There’s plenty to panic about getting old. Hence our latest Reasons to Panic book, 100 Reasons to Panic about Getting Old. Like a true optimistic bff, this book pairs each worry with commonsense reassurance that everything is actually going to be okay. Here are a few tidbits from the book to “Share” with friends …

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