Meet Katherine Bradford

Impromptu street painting of flapjacks. Photo by Katherine Bradford, Buddy of Work blog.

“Today what we need most is the life of the imagination. Informal notebooks provide a space where you don’t feel intimidated, where you can experiment and vary your approach from page to page.” —Katherine Bradford When the Plumb team considered the inaugural trio of artists, we were looking for variety and complementarity among the group. Where Tucker Nichols draws and …

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Meet Sumi Ink Club

Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara, art gallery installation. Photo by We Love You So.

“I have always found every single life form, not just human, to be extremely creative. Creativity has to extend beyond visual pleasure into how can we survive and how can we help the earth to survive. So creativity becomes a really urgent thing.” —Sarah Rara, Sumi Ink Club Sumi Ink Club is a participatory drawing project established in 2005 by …

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Meet Tucker Nichols

Tucker Nichols, San Francisco Grid Map, printed by Park Life

“As an artist, you’re both puzzle maker and solver, so you can constantly bend the rules and the boundaries of what you’re making and then try to solve whatever you’ve put into play.” —Tucker Nichols Tucker Nichols is a contributing artist to Plumb as well as its cofounder and creative director. In fact, it was Tucker’s notebook designs for another …

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So Proud of Plumb Introduction by Publisher Jen Bilik

The Plumb team reviewing first manufacturing samples in the observation tower of the De Young Museum, during a field trip to see the David Hockney exhibit.

When I founded Knock Knock in 2002, I considered myself an artist, not a businessperson, and I thought we would be able to create any type of product we wanted. In the eleven-some years since, I’ve learned how hard it is to bring diverse offerings to the marketplace, because the very brand that you’ve created and love starts to have …

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