On Creativity: Sumi Ink Club

Sumi Ink Club

Bound into each Plumb notebook is an Artist Card, a perforated card bearing artwork and thoughts on creativity from the artist. Below are excerpts from Sumi Ink Club’s Artist Cards. PLUMB: Can you describe what Sumi Ink Club is and how you guys work? SUMI: Sumi Ink Club holds collaborative drawing meetings that are open to the public. The result …

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Test Drive: Jason Jägel on Sumi Starter Pack

Jason Jagel Test Drive: Plumb Sumi Starter Pack

Jason Jägel is a San Francisco-based artist known for his narrative-laden paintings, sculptures and drawings. I’m especially fond of his painted magazine scenes. His most recent exhibition at Gallery 16 was the backdrop for the Plumb launch party in March. He sent me a few photos from a test drive of one of the Plumb notebooks, and I immediately asked to …

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Meet Sumi Ink Club

Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara, art gallery installation. Photo by We Love You So.

“I have always found every single life form, not just human, to be extremely creative. Creativity has to extend beyond visual pleasure into how can we survive and how can we help the earth to survive. So creativity becomes a really urgent thing.” —Sarah Rara, Sumi Ink Club Sumi Ink Club is a participatory drawing project established in 2005 by …

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