So Many Peeves, I Made Them My Pets! Stationery/Stationary Language Confusion and What You Can Do About It

The only wedding invitation I've ever created for myself. Sad, really—but funny (a distinctive combo that defines me like a personal scent).

I’m embarrassed to say that in my original manifesto for Knock Knock (yes, there is one, handbound in a way that today makes me cringe—so 1990s amateur bookbinding, not that such a description would ring a bell for most people) I misspelled “stationery.” Craig Hetzer, our chief creative officer, identified and teased me about this past pecadillo when he read …

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Michal’s First Trip to New York City It’s Our “Show and Tell” Feature!

Me in front of the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. Beautiful!

Michal Broomfield (beautifully pronounced “mcHAIL”) is one of our customer service specialists. In fact, you just might be lucky enough to talk to her if you have questions about your order! She’d like to show-and-tell about her recent trip to NYC. Go Michal! I just returned from my trip to the New York International Gift Fair, which was filled with …

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