Open Sketchbook: Andrew Wicklund

Andrew Wicklund - Plumb Blog

Andrew Wicklund is a Seattle-based graphic designer who freely admits, “pen and paper are my addiction.” His sketchbooks were in full swing during a worldwide year of travel a couple of years ago. I asked him to open his sketchbooks and tell us a bit about how he uses them. PLUMB: What kind of notebooks do you use? ANDREW WICKLUND: …

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Take A Trip to China in Knock Knock Fashion Knock Knockers’ Latest Trip Overseas

Elyse working. Or at least, she manipulated this photo to make it look as if she was.

Our manufacturing director, Elyse, and our president, Jim, have traveled together to China several times now and have come up with a pretty standard formula for these business trips. Wanna feel like you’re on a Knock Knock biz trip? Here’s the protocol: 1. Always sit as far away as possible from each other on the plane in order to avoid embarrassing …

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Why Not Take A Leap On Leap Day? Metaphorically, Not Literally

The Knock Knock team can firmly agree there aren’t enough hours in a day. Thank god leap day is tomorrow. That means we have an extra twenty-four hours to play with. Leap day is like a second-hand New Year in an offbeat way. If your routine has started to feel monotonous, why not use the day to refresh and start …

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And To Think We Saw it On Abbot Kinney . . . A Peek Into Our Neighborhood

It’s just your typical busy day on Abbot Kinney.

Since last week was scattered with drizzles of rain, today’s cloudless, blue-streaked sky (the standard for our Venice locale) was just asking for us to go strolling for a little fresh air. So, on our lunch break, a few of us decided to walk down Abbot Kinney to Abbot’s Habit, a café and coffee hub. On the way there, I …

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