9 Easy Galentine’s Day Party Ideas for the Procrastinators Knock Knock Says Screw Valentine’s—Do Galentine’s!

Galentine's Day Tips - Knock Knock Blog

Want to host a Galentine’s get together that would make Leslie Knope proud? Whether it’s brunch, karaoke, or a TV-binge night, foolproof your plans with these quick tips that require only 47 percent actual effort.

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12 Sweet Things to Say to Your Valentine They’re Better than Saying “I Love You” (Sort of)

Knock Knock - 12 Sweet Things to Say To Your Valentine

Here are 12 fill-in phrases from our Fill in the Love™ Journal seriesWhat I Love about YouWhat I Love about UsWhy I’m Crushing on You, and Why You’re So Hot—to help you express your love to your valentine. Use these lines in cards, as a last line in your sonnet, or perhaps to top off a stanza in a song. These are meant to inspire you—but you can also use these filled-in answers in your own Fill in the Love™ Journal (we won’t tell).

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