Meet Natasha Burton, Relationships Expert! Get to Know Our Wedding Season Guest Editor

Meet Natasha Burton, relationships expert
Meet Natasha Burton, relationships expert. Photo by Ashleigh Taylor Photography.

‘Tis the season for Instagrams of glistening gold bands, bouquets dotted with hydrangeas, and yummy, yummy cake. Not to mention crazed bridal meltdowns, drunken relatives, and awkwardly wonderful dance moves. Wedding season is here, friends, so bring on the champagne! To help us navigate through this season of nuptials, we’ve recruited the help of relationships guru Natasha Burton—who is walking …

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A Special Wedding Proposal Inspired By Our Love Journal Fan Features

The cover of Eric's book, inspired by our What I Love about You ournal.

We’ve got butterflies in our stomachs just thinking about the short (and terribly sweet) story we’re about to share. Enayat (who also goes by Eric) may like Knock Knock, but Enayat loves Shadia. He decided to pop the big question a few weeks ago, and was inspired by our top-selling What I Love about You Journal to tell Shadia exactly …

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The Knock Knock Wedding Survival Kit We’ve Got You Covered this Wedding Season!

In reality, getting ready to “tie the knot” feels more like a horrid game of Cat’s cradle. All those endless and crucial decisions—what color fondant should be used for the cake? What bridesmaid’s dress will look good on everyone? Where's the invite list, and how do we distract granny from abusing the open bar? Ugh, it’s exhausting. Especially if you’re part of the bridal party, helping plan all of it.

But don’t sweat the small stuff. We’re lightening your load with our Wedding Survival Kit. Click an item below to print and share with the wed-to-be!

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Panic—You’ll Feel Better Head Honcho Hello for May 2013

Knock Knock 100 Reasons to Panic about Getting Married

I have been a bridesmaid five times: Jennie (floor-length yellow satin), Amy (anything sleeveless in a color other than black), Leah (anything sleeveless, but only in black), Arielle (whatever I wanted, because my primary role was to help produce the wedding—in Spanish, in Spain), and Jamie (this one was both a friendship wild-card and fashion wild-card; I showed up in black patent-leather cowboy boots and a silk print dress to stand up for a relatively recent friend with whom I am no longer friends). I have seen many, many people panic about getting married. I myself have never panicked about getting married—like all good spinsters, I have instead panicked about not getting married, but fortunately I've grown out of that, along with recently transitioning out of spinsterhood.

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