Throw a Party for Two with Fete-a-Tete! It’s Our “Great Gift of the Week” Feature!

Hello. Does this not say instant party for two?

Fete-a-Tete—a play on “tête-a-tête,” meaning “head to head” en français. Fancy and a little bit confusing, right? It actually couldn’t be easier: it’s everything you need for an impromptu party for two—just add wine. We’ve got Happy Birthday. We’ve got Congratulations. We’ve got Apology. Stock up on a few of these, and if you get that last-minute call or insert …

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The Good People of Austin, Texas What Does Who Buy Where?

In our eyes, you are what you buy—judging solely on Knock Knock purchases, of course. In our “What Does Who Buy Where?” column, we determine the top five Knock Knock products in a selected city and compare them with the top five items in the United States overall. The “Live Music Capital of the World’s” top purchases are almost in …

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